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Corporate Website Development

Corporate Website Development

Corporate Website Development  offer is aimed at the companies that want to generalize the information about their activities, services they provide, list of prices, etc.

By ordering corporate website maintenance at our company, you receive:

  • Web site of high grade with control system
  • Web site with possibility of expansion with additional modules at any moment
  • Possibility to edit materials by means of special WYSIWYG editor FCKEditor independently. It is as simple as MS Word
  • Feedback form which will send all the user questions to your e-mail
  • Services and products catalogue management module
  • News module
  • Customer's optional modules
  • Prepaid hosting for 1 year
  • Domain name
  • Site registration in search systems: Google, Yandex, Rambler, Meta
  • Friendly optimisation to search systems

As a result, you get the functional web site with settings and test information on its pages.

Attention! Filling of site with the content is not included into this offer and has to be paid additionally

. See the details