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Support Services

Web site is a tool, which helps to represent the information about your company. For this purpose, it is necessary to remember to update and support it to change the prices of goods, to write new articles about the new services and products, to add company news. Usually, companies recruit the specialists with a good knowledge of HTML and Photoshop. Moreover, what if the web site is not so big, and doesn’t require a lot of time to support it? Then, there is a question of the cost-efficiency of hiring such people. In such case, our studio is the best choice. We offer the problem resolution: DF-Studio support services, which will help you to save time and money for support and service of your web site.

By ordering the support services at our studio, you get:

  • Technical support of the web site
  • Filling with the new content
  • On-time updating of the existing information
  • Discount of 15 % for the optional modules addition

As a result of our job, your web site will look professional, and display the actual information to your clients.

Attention! We offer the support services for all of the web sites!